• 1984 +

    Foundation of the Institute by Fr. Carlos Buela on March 25th, 1984
  • 1985 +

    First religious house established (La Finca)
    First Brother
    Vows of Marian Slavery
  • 1986 +

    Death of Marcelo Javier Morsella
    First Profession of Vows
  • 1987 +

    Minor seminary founded in San Rafael, Argentina
    First foundation in Peru
  • 1988 +

    Novitiate founded in San Rafael, Argentina
    Foundation of IVE Contemplative Branch
    First General Chapter
    Foundation of Sisters: Servants of the
  • 1989 +

    Foundation in the United States
    First religious house in Rome, Italy
    Boys high school founded in San Rafael, Argentina
  • 1990 +

    Religious seminary founded in San Rafael, Argentina
    First Ordination Class
    Death of Father Carlos Loyola
  • 1991 +

    Fr. Carlos Buela, IVE founder, profession of Perpetual Vows
    Foundation in Italy
  • 1992 +

    First parish in the USA: St. Gabriel (New York)
    Completion of the Constitutions
    Novitiate founded in Italy
  • 1993 +

    Foundation of first house of charity for mentally disabled children in San Rafael, Argentina
    Foundation in Holy Land
    Foundation in Russia
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  • 1984


    The Institute of the Incarnate Word was founded by Father Carlos Miguel Buela, who was born in Argentina in 1941, ordained to the priesthood in 1971, and founded the Order on March 25th, 1984. This is the altar of the chapel in "La Finca" (motherhouse) during the foundational years.
  • 1985


    Fr. Carlos Buela (IVE founder) with seminarians from the first class of the Institute with Our Lady of Lujan.
  • 1985


  • 1985


    The first years of the institute were intense, with ardor and enthusiasm, a new work of the Holy Spirit. Only one year into its foundation, thanks to donations and God's providence, the Institute was able to acquire a farm (called La Finca) where the seminarians were able to fulfill their desires to live out religious life.
  • 1985


    A photograph of the farm when it was first purchased by the Institute in 1985.
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1994 - 2003

  • 1994 +

    Foundation in Ukraine
    Foundation in Tatarstan (Russia)
    Major seminary founded in Peru
    Foundation of St. John Paul II International Roman College for Priest Licentiate and Doctorates in the Eternal City
  • 1995 +

    Foundation in Egypt
    Foundation in Brazil
    Foundation in Guyana
    New parish in USA: St. Killian (Massachusetts)
  • 1996 +

    Monastery founded in the Holy Land
    Minor seminary founded in Brazil
    Foundation in Tajikistan

    25th anniversary of Fr. Carlos Buela's priesthood
  • 1997 +

    Foundation in Hong Kong
    Foundation in Papua New Guinea
    New parish in USA: St. Leo the Great (California)
    Foundation of St. Isaac Jogues Novitiate in USA
    First IVE Youth Festival
    First IVE Family Festival
  • 1998 +

    Foundation in Chile
    Foundation in Ecuador
    Foundation in Canada
    New parish in USA: St. Paul (New York)
    Major seminary founded in Washington, DC
  • 1999 +

    15th Anniversary of the IVE
    Launching of Project Lujan
    New parish in USA: St. Veronica (Philadelphia)
  • 2000 +

    Ordination of 49 deacons to the priesthood
    International seminary founded in Segni, Italy
  • 2001 +

    Foundation in Albania
    Death of Father Guillermo Constantini
  • 2002 +

    Novitiate founded in Chile
    Major seminary founded in Brazil
    Minor seminaries founded in Ecuador and Peru
    Three new parishes in USA: St. Michael (New York), Our Lady of Peace Shrine (California), St. George (Connecticut)
    New parish in Guyana: Santa Rosa (Moruca)
    Launching of the Cornelio Fabro Cultural Project
  • 2003 +

    Foundation in Jordan
    Foundation in Tunisia
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  • 1994


    The St. John Paul II International Roman College was founded for those priests who seek to obtain bachelor's degrees and doctorates in the Eternal City.
  • 1995


    The Institute first arrived in Egypt in January 1995. There are currently establishments in four locations: Alexandria, Cairo, Giza and El Fayoum.
  • 1995


    Novitiate in Egypt
  • 1995


    The Institute establishes its first mission in Guyana. The Institute is currently in three locations in the South American nation: Santa Rosa (Moruca), Charity, and Hague.
  • 1995


    In May 1995, the Institute arrived in Brazil. In 1996, the Institute established the minor seminary there, and in 2002, the major seminary was established under the patronage of Saint Joseph of Anchieta.
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2004 - 2013

  • 2004 +

    Foundation in Lithuania
    Foundation in Philippines
    Foundation in Holland
    New parish in USA: St. James the Lesser (Maryland)
  • 2005 +

    Foundation in Iceland
    Foundation of minor seminaries in Egypt and Italy
    New parishes in USA: St. John Baptist de la Salle (Maryland), St. Thomas Aquinas (New York)
  • 2006 +

    Monastery founded in Holy Land
    Foundation in Kazakhstan
    Death of Father Benito Lagos
    Two new parishes in USA: Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. Anthony (Phoenix)
  • 2007 +

    Monastery founded in Tunisia
    Foundation in France
    Foundation in mainland Spain
  • 2008 +

    Foundation in Greece
    Foundation in Iraq
    Foundation of major seminary in Kazakhstan
    Foundation of minor seminary in USA
    Three new parishes in USA: Ss. Peter & Paul (Minnesota), St. Francis of Assisi (Chicago), St. Jerome (New York)
  • 2009 +

    Foundation in Gaza
    Foundation in Syria
    Shrine of the Baptism of the Lord founded in Jordan
    Foundation of minor seminary in Lithuania
    Foundation of major and minor seminaries in Philippines
  • 2010 +

    Foundation in Germany
    Foundation in Paraguay
    Foundation in Tanzania
    Foundation of minor seminary in Bolivia
    Preparations for founding of new college in Canada
  • 2011 +

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  • 2013 +

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2014 - 2016

  • 2014 +

  • 2015 +

  • 2016 +

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